About Us

Bear & Bear is home to expertly curated gifts, interiors, travel, home and on-the go products for urban life, inspired by and respectful of the great outdoors. Where good design meets durability, only items that bring a sense of excitement and have a purposeful place in your home make the cut.

We work with designers, innovators, experts in the latest fabric technology and artisans from around the world to bring you future design classics that are built to last a lifetime; all with our understated, premium aesthetic.

“All the products we stock have an element of uniqueness – we prioritise quality and value for money and won’t select products with an increased priced tag unless they offer something special. There’s a reason why a Barebones cooler backpack costs more than a mass market equivalent; it has amazing features and is made from quality materials. A Filson bag will last a lifetime – guaranteed – and will look better with age, plus Filson fix anything that goes wrong on their bags, be it broken hardware or rips.”

Our Story

Originally founded by two friends, Ben and Sam – based in London and the surfer coast of South-West France respectively – Bear & Bear was created to bring together the best of urban living with adventuring in nature. (As well as being a gifting one-stop-shop for the man or woman who has everything.) While the original bears have moved on to different pursuits, Sam is still involved in the background, searching out the finest products in the world and testing them in the big smoke, or surfing and hiking the best the Basque region has to offer (it’s a hard life).

Bear&Bear is now run by Francesca, or Chess as her friends call her (Sam is her husband), whose excellent eye for good design has been honed by over twenty years’ experience in Buying and Merchandising, specialising for the last decade in the worlds of surf and snow.

Our Mission

At its heart, Bear&Bear has always been about supporting its customers in a lifestyle that puts the pleasure into time with friends, family and the great outdoors, with something for everyone. Chess and Sam moved from London to Biarritz on the French Basque coast to make a shift from living to work, to working to live.

Living so close to nature, the Atlantic Ocean and Pyrenees mountains means that sustainability is at the heart of their business. They feature high quality, good value products, designed to last a lifetime and made from natural, plastic-free or recyclable materials where possible. In this way Bear&Bear customers can live consciously: buying better and buying less.

“All the products on our site are chosen because, when we’ve tested them, they’ve enhanced our life in some way. They might be wow-factor items that add something special to the nights when we’re entertaining or it might be as simple as a bag that makes travelling easier than before. I love products that bring you closer to the people you love in some way or connect you to your surroundings.”