Affordable Beach Houses in Europe

Affordable Beach Houses in Europe
28/07/2016 Isabelle

Our Pick of Affordable Beach Houses in Europe

There is something magical about the thought of an isolated hut on a stretch of sand to escape to.  With that in mind we’ve compiled a selection of some amazing and (importantly) affordable beach houses in Europe. You get to experience paradise without breaking the bank. Admittedly we are yet to visit them all, but they do look superb.  If you’re planning a break or sitting in a dreary office looking for inspiration, take a look at what we’ve found….


The Fisherman’s Suite Marina del Cantone, Campania, Italy


La Croix-Valmer House – Côte d’Azur, France


Le Antiche Pajare – San Gregorio, Leuca, Puglia


Windmill Villas – Greece

Chalet Tango – Sicily



Beach Cabana – Costa da Caparica, Setúbal, Portugal 


Cottage near to the beach – Makkum, Friesland, Netherlands

Wallpaper House, La Peña, Tarifa



We’ve tried to get a diverse selection of affordable beach houses in terms of look and location – we hope you’ve found some inspiration.  It’s a list we would love to add to, so please get in touch on social media if you have any tried and tested tips.  I’m just going to blanket bucket list (does that exist?) all of them to be trialled at some point my life.

Hope you enjoyed a digital trip through possible paradise.

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