Airo by Fontus

Airo by Fontus
08/04/2016 Byte9 Systems

Behold the world’s first self filling water bottle.  This remarkable piece of technology has utilised the age old method of extracting water from the air via processes like condensation and will be a game changer for seasoned outdoors enthusiasts.

Airo by Fontus is a revolutionary water bottle.  It uses solar energy  in order to extract condensation from the air and provide you with fresh drinking water.  Within a single hour, you can have half a litre of fresh drinking water.

Whilst extracting water from air is no new concept, surprisingly there is no water bottle like this on the market.  It’s no surprise that the Austrian government have provided funding for continuing the development of this crowdfunding campaign.

See the video below:

Bear & Bear are keeping a strong eye on this!

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