Alfresco Living

Alfresco Living
All the essentials to enjoy the outdoors the right way

Stylish Serving

Summer outside normally comprises of  two things: eating and drinking. It’s really just a case of where you do it, what items you use and whom you do it with. From traditionally iconic enamelware goods to trusty beech salad servers, these are some of the essentials we have at hand whether you’re serving up or chowing down.

Keeping Hydrated

If you’re drinking water, wine or something sweet to make you feel fine, our stylish and contemporary glassware collection is perfect for alfresco dining. The right aesthetic can really transform a dining experience. Importantly, the Ripple glassware collection is the ideal choice for those that wish to exhibit culinary creativity.

Mood Lighting

Nothing sets the mood better than some alfresco lighting. Transform your outdoor soirée into the ultimate setting for good food and even better wine. Mix it up with our selection of traditional glass lanterns, USB camping lights or rechargeable forest lanterns to capture the perfect mood for a wonderful evening.

Keeping Toasty Warm

There is only so far a hearty meal can keep you warm before the temperatures drop and things get a bit chilly. Incorporating a roaring fire, a thick cosy blanket and something for drinking a little tipple is the perfect accompaniment to a next to perfect evening.

Picnic Perfection

Alfesco dining never has to be limited to your garden. Preparing a picnic can be effortlessly easy with the right equipment. Shade, wine, beer, coffee, barbequed food, you name it, we’ve got the right tools to craft an indulgent outdoor adventure.