Arctic Exploration Hotel by Snorre Stinessen

Arctic Exploration Hotel by Snorre Stinessen
29/01/2016 Byte9 Systems

The Arctic Exploration Hotel  by Snorre Stinessen – Norwegian Cabins With Luxury Features

From fjords and majestic mountains to cosmopolitan cities and breathtaking Scandinavian architecture, Norway has to be one of the most beautiful and diverse countries of the world. If you’re considering a jaunt to this wonderful part of the world, we can recommend a stop over in Manshausen.  This wild 55 acre island is situated within a protected archipelago in northern Norway where fishing, kayaking, diving, cycling and climbing are just some of the popular activities available in the area. Architect Snorre Stinessen, inspired by the landscape, saw great potential for creativity and designed The Arctic Exploration hotel:

This hotel features four cabins that are strikingly built on the edge of old stones providing breathtaking views of this unique landscape of the island.  The cabins are a modern take on the traditional Norweigian cabins that you find in the country that consists of floor-to-ceiling glass front engulfing any guest of the beautiful surroundings.  Perfect for family holidays, these cabins feature four beds, a bathroom, and a Corian Kitchen and boasts multifunctional features like the really cool walls that fold down to form tables.

The closest town, Nordskot, is only 2 minutes away by speedboat so you can easily stock up on all necessities.  With the stunning location, beautiful architecture and a plethora of outdoor activities such as diving, climbing and fishing to keep you busy, the Arctic Exploration should be a definite addition to your bucket list of travel destinations.


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