Base Camp X Baxter of California Cut Throat Razor

Base Camp X Baxter of California Cut Throat Razor
21/05/2015 Byte9 Systems

The Base Camp X Baxter  of California  Cut Throat Razor:

For serious shavers who don’t fancy stroking an axe close to their jugular

Base Camp X Baxter 1

If you weren’t aware, shaving with an axe is all the rage right now as evidenced by ESPN’s recent article about a sportsman I’ve never heard of, but now quite rate.

However, if that seems a tad unwieldy to carry around, might we suggest the incredibly smooth Base Camp x Baxter of California collaboration? This is a classic cut-throat razor reimagined for the for serious shaver.



Base Camp X Baxter 4

Alas, I sport an unseemly beard with unclean lines, so I am unable to personally attest to the brilliance of this device. But if I was to go clean, I can think of no better way than using the custom 6/8 wide Blue Steel (not sure if this is a Zoolander reference) blade that is exclusive to Baxter of California and made in the US of A.

Each razor handle is made of Appalachian Hickory wood (don’t try saying it three times whilst shaving) and cut and shaped by hand with a special focus on the grain of the wood (possibly using an axe). It’s then sanded to marble smoothness and multiple coats are applied to deliver a dark-stained and frankly awe-inspiring work of art.

Base Camp X Baxter 5

The whole package comes replete with a olive drab water-resistant canvas pouch, which tops off the look rather nicely.   Truth be told, at $350 this is a pricey endeavour and there are no vibrating mechanisms or rotating heads, but then that’s the point. Once you’ve bought one of these, you will probably be inclined to shave everyday to get your money’s worth and every time you see a cheesy advert featuring a sportsman you will knowingly rub your chin, safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best shave on earth without any novelty gadgets. Pure class.

Base Camp X Baxter 2


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