Be-Elastic Brand Profile

Be-Elastic Brand Profile
15/08/2016 Isabelle

Be-Elastic Brand Profile

Be-Elastic are the inventors of SNAP – ingenious attachable legs that can turn (almost) any surface into a table.  There are some caveats of course, but any table-sized flat surface from a door to a skateboard can now be turned into a handy table.  We saw them on Kickstarter, waited patiently for a full production run, and we’re excited with the results. Here’s our Be-Elastic Brand Profile:

We should start with the great video they put together explaining the versatility of their click and connect table leg system:


SNAP is a truly innovative idea that you feel should have been invented ages ago.  However, anyone who’s tried to turn something into a table will quickly realise there are some significant challenges to ensure stability. SNAP is completely versatile and adaptable making it easy to create DIY pieces without tools or drilling:

SNAP is designed to work with many shapes and sizes: triangular, rectangular or irregular potential table tops. You can position the SNAPs wherever you like on the surface and they hold firm thanks to the ingenious cord system.

Not only does SNAP make great tables, but you can also stack several levels on top of each other to safely make shelves!

We are incredibly impressed with SNAP and at £125 from Bear & Bear for a set of 4 table legs we think they are great value.

That’s our Be-Elastic Brand Profile – get SNAP happy with some new table legs and take your DIY to the next level without drilling holes in your floor.

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