Battery Powered Portable Lamps - Useful and Versatile:

Keeping a lookout for useful lifehacks is part of our job at Bear & Bear.  We are always searching for products that are well-designed, well-built and with a purpose.  Wireless Charging Lamps first caught our eye last year, and since then we've discovered a few different options.  So we thought we'd break down the best wireless charging lamps we've found.

It's difficult to appreciate just how useful a wireless lamp will be until you've experienced the libration of going cordless. Remember phones plugged into walls? Wired lighting is going the same way. The call of "get the lamp" has become a regular occurence, they are just incredibly useful things to have around the house.  I guess you could use a candle or torch to similar effect, but it just wouldn't be the same. 

We use our wireless lamp to illuminate previously darkened spots all over the house, creating a wealth of new spots to hide from everyone else and get some reading or work done.  We use ours for atmosepheric table lighting, for reading bedtime stories and night-time adventures in the garden. 

There are some great options to choose from in our growing selection of battery powered wireless lamps: 

Humble Two

The latest addition to our range of cordless wonders is the new incarnation from Humble. A remarkably different design aesthetic, that features sophisticated curves and is an instant classic in our opinion. 

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Wick By Graypants

The new wireless lamp on the block, Wick is a throroughly modern take on a classic design. Based on ye olde candlesticks o' yore, this hugely upgraded version has a number of useful features in its elegant and sturdy form. 


 Humble One

Our first forray into the switched on world of wireless lamps. It's easy to see why the Humble lamp first caught our eye, with it's immediately iconic design and sophisticated styling. Available in a range of finishes, it makes a great addition to any home.

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Barebones Living Wireless Lanterns

Barebones have developed a range of rustic wireless charging lamps, or lanterns as they prefer to call them. These nostalgically-inspired designs are equipped with innovative features and built with outdoor adventures in mind.  Not that this makes them any less suitable for home lighting.