Better RE Recharging Pack

Better RE Recharging Pack
03/09/2015 Byte9 Systems

BETTER RE, Upcycling Power Pack reusing smartphone batteries

Since the 90’s when the first smartphones were released they have become more and more a part of us.  As our reliance on them has grown, their battery life seems to have got worse. It used to be all about the tiniest phone you could still dial a number on, and now the hipsters have tablets taped to their heads… With trends changing all the time (who remembers the “matrix phone”?) the average life span of a phone is just over a year. What a waste. Especially they are being discarded with an average of 80% battery life still left in them.

Noticing the need for extended battery life and the piles of unused battery power filling up landfill sites Better RE have created their epic Recharging Pack.

You no longer need to worry about running out of battery or harming the environment with your discarded batteries. Thanks to Better RE: charge anytime, anywhere! Designed to perfection Better RE  acts as a universal batterypack that will fit just about any size battery.  The concept is simple, you already are likely to have a number of old smartphone batteries that can be used to repower your current device when it runs low on juice.  The Better RE simply provides a really nice looking case and added functionality to bring it back into service. Thanks to it’s expansion packs, Better RE can also use all additional USB output ports so you can charge different devices at once!

Aesthetically it’s a minimalist beauty – the naturally distinct grain of the wood makes each Better RE slightly unique, and the pack comes in various colours. The design was the proud recipient of a 2014 Red Dot award and it can be pre-ordered here. We can’t wait for this to be released to market.

Find out more in the video below:

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