Indicators for your bike – why has it taken so long?!

Indicators for your bike – why has it taken so long?!
01/07/2015 Byte9 Systems

Get out on the road safely with the new winglight signal indicators by Cycl

Cycling is a marvellous pursuit, but it has its risks, and London start-up Cycl have an innovative yet simple way of giving you more security on your bike.

Cycl have developed what are simply indicators for your bicycle (or trike I guess) – forget holding out your arm, risking your balance with the fear of not being noticed.  Cycl’s new snap-on, snap-off indicators are set to revolutionize the world of cycling safety.  They make you more visible and keep your hands safely on the handlebars.


So what’s the big idea?
As every cyclist in London knows, attempting to navigate the city’s endless junctions and roundabouts can be nerve-wracking at the best of times, let alone in the height of rush-hour!  The team at Cycl is determined to change this.  They want to get more people safely on their bikes and lessen the chances of being knocked down by motorists when changing directions or merging into moving traffic.

To achieve this, the idea is to put “cycles on the same level as cars and car drivers then behave accordingly”. They want to elevate the status of bicycles, take bike safety into their own hands, and dramatically change the way cycles are noticed and perceived by other motorists.


And, how do they work?
WingLights are actually a  fairly straightforward design concept. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, simply screw the universal mount to your handle bars. Second, snap on your indicators to the ends of your handlebars and third, jump on your bike and get cycling.

A simple tap of your hand you can now signal your change in direction just like other motorists. You even have the same highly-visible orange flash  colour and blinking frequency as cars and motorbikes!



More than just a slick gadget, this innovative and excellent value system is heralded by the press and cycling enthusiasts as the next big thing.  We can’t wait to see this unique innovation on handlebars all over London, on Boris Bikes and beyond!

Coming soon to Bear & Bear!


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