Black Eye Lenses Test – Fish Eye & Combo

Black Eye Lenses Test – Fish Eye & Combo
30/03/2016 Byte9 Systems

We’ve carried out a Black Eye Lenses Test and we loved it!  This is our review on these super cool smartphone lenses and why we think it’s a must have travel accessory

Let’s face it, we live in a time where we love to share snippets of our lives on social media.  And if you’re like us and take time getting that perfect shot, then Black Eye Lenses should be the newest addition to your photo kit. We decided to run them through their paces with a Black Eye Lenses Test.  What’s great about these lenses is that they are super easy to use and compatible for just about any smartphone or tablet.  You just clip them over your smartphone camera lens, and voila, you get a 180° in an instant.  The double coated glass makes these lenses incredibly sturdy yet still remain lightweight for use.  It can be used with both the front and back camera and the lens quality produces natural colours and prevents unwanted reflections.

Whilst Black Eye provide a range of different lenses, our favourites were the Combo and the Fish Eye.  With the combo, you get the wide angle lens and a macro lens giving you a nice variety of options of shooting extreme close up or taking in a landscape shot that a regular smart phone lens wouldn’t be able to capture.  The Fisheye lens gives you the classic fish eye effect instantly making anything you shoot look super cool.

Here are some cool shots taken with the macro:

Wide Angle:


And we’ve had a little play with the Fish Eye – check out the before & after to get the full effect:

The Black Eye Lenses come with a carrier pouch and a lens cap ensuring that the glass doesn’t get any scratches and super easy to take with you whether you go on holiday or just having it in your bag/pocket for everyday use.  So you can see the results of our Black Eye Lenses Test – we were really happy with the results. You can find the Combo and Fish Eye on Bear & Bear now if you want to try them for yourself.

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