Experience a dream holiday in a sophisticated Piet Boon Bonaire villa

Experience a dream holiday in a sophisticated Piet Boon Bonaire villa
28/07/2015 Byte9 Systems

Experience a dream holiday in a sophisticated villa designed by Piet Boon

Bear & Bear are big fans of the Dutch design maestro Piet Boon, so it was thrilling to find out that he has lent his talent to a collection of villas in sun-drenched Bonaire.  This island is situated next to Aruba and Curacao off the Venezuelan coast.  Piet Boon has a reputation for sophistication, subtlety and craftsmanship – all of which are on display here creating a beautiful atmosphere in breath-taking surroundings.

Each of these amazing villas has a private terrace with lush green tropical gardens and large pools overlooking the sea. My favourite feature – the easy access to the sea.  Via a ladder you can reach the Caribbean Sea to swim, dive and snorkel in your own backyard! At this side of the island dolphins are very frequently spotted, and extra reason to look out over the azure waters.

A key role in the execution was providing continuity between the surroundings and the inside of the villa.  The island atmosphere is elegantly captured using strong lines and an understated colour palette both indoors and outdoors.  Using sustainable materials was important to keep the authenticity of the surroundings.  Piet has selected locally sourced wood and other high quality materials that would endure the salty air and age beautiful at the same time.

Tastefully decorated space dominates the villas.  In the 8 meter high hall, light streams from all directions.  The wooden slats in the ceiling and shutters in the windows filter the light.

One of the best features is the panoramic views that can be enjoyed everywhere in the villa due to clever design of the windows.  The dining and living spaces all face the outside and are naturally cooled by the wind, a feature that is common in the traditional cunucu houses on the island and embraced by Piet Boon.

But aside from all this beach-themed design splendor, the greatest thing about these villas is that you can rent them at prices that are not astronomical.  Ok, it’s not cheap and you have to get to Bonaire, but at prices starting from USD 3,500 for a week for a house that comfortably sleeps up to 8 people it’s cheaper than a lot of hotels.

Beach design from Piet Boon that you can appreciate for yourself for cheaper than a hotel room!  That is something to be thrilled about – now let’s check out those flights…..

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