Breed Retreat by Frederik Roijé

Breed Retreat by Frederik Roijé
07/09/2015 Byte9 Systems

Breed Retreat – Multi-Level Architectural Hen House

Urban farming is something every city dweller has given some thought to, a way to get a bit of nature into your hectic concrete existence.  Whilst growing your own veg is a great start, a herd of cows is probably beyond reach given space and time requirements for most people (i.e. everyone).  But what about chickens?  Who hasn’t thought of fostering a couple of free range feathered friends on their balcony or in their garden? Just think about the delight of waking up to fresh eggs every morning!

Style & design may not be the biggest barrier to rearing a flock of chickens, but if they are the main thing standing in your way of bringing some fresh farming to your city pad, then the Breed Retreat is for you.  Designer Frederik Roijé created this rare exception amongst chicken coops to suit the most clean-lined and modern of homes.


This breath-taking architectural coop is essentially a multi-story mansion for your chickens.  Warning: this will evoke jealous feelings amongst you and your furry pets. It features multiple levels (three for the former and five for the latter).  A sloping ramp leads to an entrance at the lowest level and multiple access windows will allows you to reach in and grab the freshly laid eggs.  How posh is that?

The Breed Retreat is constructed from wood and finished with a durable coating made to last.  So if you’re feeling like a splurge, and want somewhere sublime to house your chicks this beauty is priced at €7,980.00.

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