Design And Architecture

  • Jul272016

    Designer Eco-Tourism: Sustainable Architecture For Lodgings

    Designer Eco-Tourism: We locate lodgings that save the planet with great design For quite some time eco-tourism has diverged from…

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  • Apr192016

    Out of the Valley – Off Grid Cabin

    Ready to push the reset button at an off grid cabin?  Escape to Out Of The Valley in Devon where…

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  • Apr182016

    Precious Plastic – Micro Recycling

    Precious Plastic – Micro Recycling Every once in a while we discover a concept that blows our minds, Precious Plastic is…

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  • Feb022016

    Artist Focus: Brink Surf

    Artist Focus: Brink Surf – functional and artistic surfboards Donald Brink of Brink Surf makes functional art; surfboards you can hang on…

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  • Jan292016

    Arctic Exploration Hotel by Snorre Stinessen

    The Arctic Exploration Hotel  by Snorre Stinessen – Norwegian Cabins With Luxury Features From fjords and majestic mountains to cosmopolitan cities…

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  • Jan262016

    Leaf House

    The Leaf House – Your Home On Wheels Can’t shake off your itch to go nomadic?   Canadian company Leaf…

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  • Sep172015

    Barisieur by Joshua Renouf

    The Barisieur: Waking You Up With A Coffee Put your hand up if you need a caffeine kickstart in the morning to…

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  • Sep152015

    La Boite Concept Review – The Ultimate Plug-and-Play Laptop Dock

    La Boite Concept Review- The Ultimate Plug-and-Play Laptop Dock Our La Boite Concept review  cover the history and development of…

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  • Sep072015

    Breed Retreat by Frederik Roijé

    Breed Retreat – Multi-Level Architectural Hen House Urban farming is something every city dweller has given some thought to, a way to…

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