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Christmas gift guide: Brother

Big bros, little bros, twin bros, step bros, half bros. Whatever kinds of brothers you got, make sure you treat them right this Christmas with only the best.  We at Bear & Bear have selected some unique gifts to suit any type of brother that you might be buying presents for:

Double Parachute Nylon Hammock by Grand Trunk – £53.00

If your brother embraces the lifestyle of the relaxed traveller, the Double Parachute Nylon Hammock by Grand Trunk makes a great gift.  This deluxe hammock is made for two allowing you to relax wherever you are from exotic places to your backyard.  It’s super light and packs down easily into a tiny carry bag making it ultra travel friendly.

Duffle Pack 24L by Aer – £115.00

Is your brother’s current favourite backpack on its last legs?  Time for an update… you really can’t do much better than the Duffle Pack 24L by Aer. Modern and functional, the Duffle Pack is designed to hold your gym and office must-haves in one bag.  It features a vertical zipper, making it easy to access the spacious waterproof main compartment, which allows you to pack generously for when you are heading to the gym. A separate ventilated water resistant pocket allows you to pack your shoes without trapping any sweat and bad odours. You may also use this bag for office purposes thanks to its multi-functional pockets. The Duffle Pack comes with padded internal pockets that can fit up to a 15” Macbook Pro or a tablet. This ensures your technology is safe and secure. Additionally, there are quick access side pockets to store small items that you need within reach. Incredibly comfortable to wear, this Duffle Pack will become your brother’s go to bag.



Box Light Table Lamp by Design House Stockholm – £180.00

For the bro with the eye for design we present the Box Light Table Lamp by Design House Stockholm.  This sophisticated and functional table lamp is inspired by matchboxes. With a simple slide action the box lights or dims depending on the cover’s position.  This is the perfect addition to any home side table or office desk.



Napsack Sleeping Bag by Poler – £125.00

For the adventure addict we recommend the Napsack Sleeping Bag by Poler.  Don’t be fooled, this is no average joe!  You can wear this hooded sleep sack for all day leisure!  Now your brother will always be prepared to brave the cold whether asleep or awake.  It has zips from the shoulders for arm holes and a cinch strap at the bottom that opens for your feet to go through, allowing you to hike it up around your waist. Plus it features a chest pocket for your phone and has a pass through hole for your headphones to run internally, and it has hand pockets like a normal puffy jacket. What more could he ask for?

Cordito Supreme Cord and Plug Roll by This Is Ground – £54.00

For the one who loves travelling in an organised and neat fashion, this is the gift that will keep on giving.  The Cordito Supreme Cord and Plug Roll by This is Ground is a superbly crafted leather cord wrap that will stow cables, plugs, earbuds, usb cables, or anything that will fit in the slots in a travel-friendly case. It features 8 leather loops and one pocket with metal popper closure and the whole case is secured with two durable leather tabs keeping everything nice and neat.


Smartphone Film Scanner by Lomography – £50.00

For the photographer in the family, here is a gift that combines the modern with the old.  This portable Smartphone Film Scanner by Lomography provides a fully digital version of your film and images in an instant. Insert your film into the back-lit Smartphone Film Scanner, take a photo of it using your Smartphone and the specially developed App (iPhone and Android versions available) allows you to edit and share.  Watch your brother archive all your memories with this super cool gadget.

T-BONE Charger and Powerbank by Schatzii – £30.00

Make sure that  your brother won’t run out of juice no matter where he is with the T-Bone by Schatzii.  A superbly multipurpose product, it features a 3 in 1 car charger, power bank and LED torch with 2 USB ports and micro-USB.  This is a must have gadget for anyone on the go!

Peter The Doctor’s Wash Bag by Millican – £49.00

Every classy brother needs a sophisticated travel accessory.  Peter The Doctor’s Wash Bag by Millican embodies the essence of class whilst being incredibly sturdy and spacious thanks to its clever construction. Inspired by the classic doctor’s bag, it provides easy access with a wide opening that allows its to sit fully open, making it easy to stow away all your essentials.

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