Cloud by Richard Clarkson

Cloud by Richard Clarkson
24/08/2015 Byte9 Systems

Cloud by Richard Clarkson – the interactive thunderstorm lamp and powerful speaker system

Love a good thunderstorm, but not a fan of the rain?  The Cloud by Richard Clarkson brings the Thunderstorm experience inside without the raindrops or fear of electrocution by lightning.  It looks like a fluffy rain cloud and it will even interact with you! The Cloud features motion-triggered lightning and thunder performance, but is also a music-activated visualising and powerful speaker system! Say what?

As long as you have a bluetooth compatible device, you can stream music and adapt the desired lighting, colour and brightness.  This gives you the god-like ability to impress guests with the ultimate cloud experience. A wireless remote control allows you to set it to different modes including a simple thunder cloud or one that responds to movements or sounds that it hears around it.

If you’re in the mood for a fun splurge or ready to bring your house parties to the next level, you can have your very own Cloud by Richard Clarkson for $3,360.00.  

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