Coconut Paddles

Coconut Paddles
13/04/2016 Byte9 Systems

Coconut Paddles are designed for any table tennis player looking to bring some variation to the table – here’s our take on a new style of ping-pong:

Table tennis is a game that everyone seems to have played at some point growing up and Coconut Paddles allow you to step up your game whatever your level.  If you’ve got two left hands it doesn’t really matter as you’re still guaranteed to  look the part.  Made in Wisconsin, the unique design and construction offer players the opportunity to experience a different style of ping pong.

For the Coconut Paddles founders, it all started with the discomfort of playing ping-pong using the traditional bats.  The traditional table tennis paddle uses a club style handle grip, and what they’ve done is implemented a precision style handle grip.  In other words, you will shred the next table tennis matches with greater comfort.  The Coconut Paddle is a one size fits all,  suitable for right and left handed players.   For extra comfort, they’ve also added custom foam inserts.

We love the fact that whilst they created a comfortable playing experience, they didn’t sacrifice the aesthetic.  Made of amber edge bamboo wood, these Coconut Paddles are designed to look like a piece of art.  See the video below to see the construction process:

You can purchase your very own paddles from their shop for $1o8 here.

We are fans of the game and you can read about our other favourite toy that we’re never going to buy here: Pull-Pong.

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