Our Coconuts Reward Scheme

1 Coconut = £1

Coconuts can be used as a discount off your next purchase from Bear & Bear.

You receive £5 of Coconuts for signing up to a new account and will also be rewarded with Coconuts for making purchases with Bear & Bear.

You can choose how many Coconuts you would like to use on a particular purchase when you reach checkout.

Nearly all product purchases on Bear & Bear will be rewarded with a generous 5% of the item price in Coconuts. Some products have a bit more for limited time periods, and others may have less.

We reserve the right to amend these amounts at any time.

A few conditions to note:

  • 1 Coconut = £1

  • Coconuts last a year from the time they are allocated

  • You can use Coconuts towards a maximum of 40% of a basket value

  • Coconuts can be used in combination with discount codes and on sale items
  • You need to have an account with Bear & Bear to earn Coconuts

Why are they called Coconuts?

Mainly because “reward points” sounds so boring. We had a think about what to call them and disregarded Quids, Nuggets, Bear Claws and many others.

Coconuts was chosen in recognition of a small tribe of indigenous people who inhabit the San Blas archipelago of 340 islands off the coast of Panama.

The Guna (or Kuna) people live in what can only described as a tropical paradise on the Caribbean coast. Their economy is mainly based on the production of coconuts on floating mangroves, and it is said that until the late 1990’s this was their currency.

I visited them after they’d made the transition to US Dollars and it was an incredible experience to touch down in a 12-seater plane (which is basically their coach service to the mainland) along a thin strip of sand in the sea. Then take a small boat to stay in a traditional wooden hut. Whilst there we spent the day on our own uninhabited deserted desert island, got married in a hammock, ate tons of fish and got to know more about these amazing people.

If you are planning a visit to Panama or anywhere, then this is a highly recommended getaway from it all. It shows a completely alternative way of live and social organisation that is thriving despite the challenges of modern day.

So our “reward points” system on Bear & Bear is dedicated to the Guna tribe in the hope that people will make the effort to go and visit them.

To learn more about the customs of these special people, this is a very well written article: