The Editor's Choice is the pick of the latest and greatest items.  

 The selection where you are going to find that special something for someone with taste. Even if the person you're buying for "has it all" there's something here that's going to turn the dial to 11. 

From brand new Christmas releases, to the top products from the year, this collection is designed to make it superbly fast to choose the ultimate gift for someone you love.

The Ultimate Hand-powered Espresso Machine

Those genius boffins at Wacaco have done it again with this absolutely incredible upgrade to the insanely popular Nanopresso.  This is the third generation of hand-powered espresso machine and they have really gone all out.  It is more compact, yet holds more cofee than previous versions.  Plus it extracts the best coffee of the lot and is made from premium materials.  This should be top of any coffee drinker's christmas gift list.


Professional Fabric Care Equipment

If you don't take care of your clothes and fabrics then who will?  Steamery Stockholm was created by fashion industry professionals with a desire to educate everyone about how to care for their clothes so they last longer and look better.  They have two impeccable instruments that enable you to maintain and wear your clothes like never before. They have both just been upgraded in time for Christmas! 

If you've not got into the steaming game yet then you are in for a treat - forget your regular iron, this steamer has been updgraded to be a hybrid steamer / iron with increased capacity, more heat and a wide base so it can be placed on flat surfaces. 


This ingenious fabric shaver uses blades that rotate at an impressive 9000 times per minute to rid materials of lint and bobbles. Your favourite items of clothing that you thought were no more will be joyously revived thanks to the wonderous Pilo. Typically you'll start with a jumper and quickly move on to any other fabric in the house... this can be addictive! 


Portable Pizza Ovens

If you're late to the homemade pizza party then now is the time to make up for it! Ooni didn't invent the portable pizza oven, but they created a machine that's half the price of anything else out there with at least the same performance.  These incredible ovens enable you to cook epicly good pizza in the comfort of your (or your friend's) garden. With a range of brilliant accessories to go with them, all you need to do is select the perfect oven for your needs and get creative with your toppings.


Ultralight Carry Options - Lite Range

Bellroy are the masters of carry - with excellent attention to detail and a minimalist aesthetic that flows through everything they design. For their Lite Range, they have focused on utility, creating the range from ultra light, recycled fabrics.  All of these carry items can be folded up very small to be used as secondary carry options on the go, but they are excellent bags in their own right. With an incredible affordability to quality ratio, these are items you should have at your disposal.

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Illuminate Your Life With A Cordless Lamp

Humble have stolen our hearts with a stylishly simple take on the classic lamp. Available in a dashing array of colours and materials, these lamps are incredibly useful around the home. 

They come in handy for bedtime stories, brightening up a dimly lit corner and creating the perfect dinner table ambiance. You will wonder how you ever managed without one! 

New additions to the range include Smart lights that can be controlled from your mobile phone, Fabric-wrapped designs and Humble Twos with either a frosted or smoked glass shade. We want them all. 


Impeccably Stylish Water Carbonators

If sparkling water with a twist of Scandinavian design floats your boat, then Aarke is worth careful consideration. Aside from beautiful looks, this is an environmentally astute option compared to purchasing bottles of carbonated water that requires no eleectricity to function.  It simply carbonates tap water to your preferred level of bubbliness using a CO2 cannister. Available in a range of finishes, this water carbonator deserves a place in the most pinterest-friendly of kitchens. 


Superb Cycling Backpack That Attaches To Your Pannier

Too often we're faced with a choice between style and functionality that leaves limited room for comfort.  But Weather Goods are breaking all the rules having created an astounding range of backpacks that retain fantastic looks whilst also being comfortable to wear. As an incredible bonus, they also fit perfectly to the pannier of your bike.  If you are looking for a gift for someone who cycles then Weather Goods have  delivered. 


Desktop Charging Station

Stylish and compact, these charging stations are designed to look organic and subdued on your desk.  There's something incredibly gratifying about having less wires to deal with and one less thing to plug in.  Sometimes it's the small things that make a difference.  This is perfect for anyone with a home office. 


Harness The Power Of Fire

Give the gift of harnessesing one of nature's most powerful tools this Christmas with the Horizon Stove. It functions as incredibly as it looks with the ability to boil water in under 2 minutes using whatever wood you find lying around.  

It is smokeless due to the outrageous temperature it burns at, yet thanks to it's clever cage design you can move it around without burning yourself. It is less than 30 cms tall and very lightweight making it perfect for adventures (or the garden).


Whisky Glasses With Perfect Taste

A festive favourite - these whisky glasses come in fine packaging which is only part of the appeal come the day of gifting.  First appearances are a wonderful start, but these finely designed glasses really get going when liquid is added. 

Made from cut crystal this is an award-winning glass designed to enhance the flavour for anyone who likes their whisky served on the rocks. 


So those are the Editor's choice of Christmas gifts for your loved ones.  From pizza ovens to desktop phone chargers there is a something for anyone with taste and panache!  You can see the rest of our gift guides to make sure you've got something for everyone on your list this Christmas: