Fandi Meng Ring Alarm Clock

Fandi Meng Ring Alarm Clock
13/07/2015 Byte9 Systems

Innovative Fandi Meng Ring Alarm For Couples

There is nothing quite so beautiful as a tetchy, passive aggressive exchange with your significant other at some ungodly hour as your alarm wakes the both of you up, said no one. Ever. So this chic little buzzy number might just be a way around some romantic ruptures at dawn.


Fandi ring

Fandi Meng’s aptly named Ring has been designed to wrap round the snoozer’s finger and buzz them silently out of slumber. Not only does it mean you’re not ear-walloped into the day with a screeching smartphone but it also allows your napping prince/princess to catch some vital extra Zs as you up and get dressed.
Meng has won a host of awards for his cutting edge designs. And this swish piece looks no different. Each band contains a microchipped base which connects wirelessly to a dock where you set your alarm/vibration time. Attaching the ring to the base charges the digit buzzer when it’s not in use. All this means The Ring would appeal to the hearing impaired too and not just those with thin walls and/or partners with tempers.
 fandi meng alarm

And let’s be honest, being roused for the early shift has come a long way since a creepy Wallace and Gromit woke us up like this…


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