Flight001 Spacepak

Flight001 Spacepak
11/09/2015 Byte9 Systems

Organised Packing with the Flight001 Spacepak

There are lots of ways to mitigate any stresses that might come along with travelling and touring. Keeping everything super organised is definitely one of those ways – having your travel documents in a handy folder, keeping your currency in separate wallets, printing out hotel details to give to your taxi driver to make sure there is no lost communication, packing snacks in case there’s a long wait at passport control. But what about your clothes? I know people who roll whole outfits together so they don’t have to think about what to wear with what. When you’re travelling by motorbike there is no room for “whole outfits”, so this technique is a bit irrelevant to me most of the time. It is perhaps even more important to keep everything neat and organised, however. With a couple of panniers and a roll pack, and a lot of motorcycle paraphernalia to fit in somewhere, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make the most of the space I have, and make it easy for me when we get to our overnight destination. I recently tried out the bright blue clothes Spacepak by Flight001 and I have to say it was a revelation in staying organised while touring. I packed a pair of jeans, a pair of pyjamas, six ordinary t-shirts, a thin jumper, a set of thermals, my swim suit, and enough socks and underwear for a week in the cool looking compression bag. I could have got more in, but I needed to keep the pack small enough to fit inside one of my panniers along with a pair of trainers, which it did with no trouble after squishing the air out via the air vents in the side of the bag. I tried out of interest, and I could also fit a thin hoodie and a pair of walking trousers inside and it was still easy to close using the zip.
Oh and if you like to take your organisation as far as possible, the Spacepak also has a rather useful “clean and dirty” design so you can keep unworn and worn clothing separately (so you know exactly what you need to wash in the sink when you reach the next motel). Very neat.
I can see this being really handy whatever kind of travelling I am doing, and I know I shall get a lot of use out of it. It’s great for motorcycle touring but will also be good inside a suitcase (which is what it’s designed for, of course), a holdall, or even just chucked in the boot of the car as it is. It certainly made my life easier, and definitely made me feel less flustered when trying to find a clean pair of socks or those all-important thermal layers at the side of the road. The Spacepak doesn’t turn motorcycle touring into five star luxury, but it definitely helps keep things ordered, which this biker is very grateful for. You can buy Flight001 Spacepak for £40 at Bear & Bear
Photo Credits: Zoe Holmes
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