Electric Skateboard + Golf = Golfboard

Electric Skateboard + Golf = Golfboard
17/07/2015 Byte9 Systems

The most exciting thing to hit a golf course since lightning – the Golfboard

First up, an admission that I am not really a fan of “proper” golf. I love a bit of pitch and putt, have been known to partake in crazy golf, and even enjoy driving some balls at the range on occasion. But hours spent wandering around a course is just not my idea of a good time, I guess I don’t have a corporate job to escape from like most avid golfers I know.

Mark Twain apparently said, “Golf is a good walk spoiled”, but my real reason for antipathy towards the sport (apart from being terrible at it) is that it’s just not that “cool”. Aside from the terrible attire and shoes, I hate all the rules. In fact the last time I found myself staying (by accident) at a golf hotel, the most fun I had was taking a golf cart for a joyride. They shouldn’t leave them lying around if they don’t want people driving into hedges!

However, I have now discovered how to make golf cool – the Golfboard! Some genius has recognised that golf needs spicing up and changed the game, look how much fun this guy is having:


Sure, he’s still dressed terribly, but put some boardies on the guy, rip off the shades and burn that t-shirt and it’s a start. This chap for instance has got the look (and the hair):


This company actually counts Laird Hamilton as a co-founder, and whilst he’s not the most hip surfer out there, this guy has serious surf credentials. You might have seen him doing this in 2000 in Tahiti:


But this is almost as impressive:


There are two styles of Golfboard – they both have a handle that looks a like its been stolen from a zimmerframe:

But aside from that, these are two hot looking skateboard golf cart things. They have tons of boring technical features with words like powertrain, drivetrain, posi traction etc… but the main point is that you can go upto 14 mph on the Sportboard, and 10 mph on the Courseboard. That is pretty fast for a golf course.

The Golfboard is controlled by a handheld remote device, which is pretty swish. It has been designed to last 18 holes on only a 2 hour charge. Although the only thing that could make golf more boring would be carrying a 20kg lump of metal and rubber around with you….  However, you will be delighted to hear that “turf-wear” has been thoroughly thought through and there’s a whole tedious handout that you can read here if you care about grass as much as they do.

Here is a photo of more people having fun:


It looks like this woman is Golfboarding away from her husband, although he’s holding the remote, so perhaps he’s getting rid of her? They are both laughing, I’m sure its harmless fun! This is not just a device for carefree men, ladies are also loving the Golfboard:

They cost around $6,500 but you can lease one for only $145 a month – which is probably good value if you play a lot of golf. I think that they have probably achieved the unthinkable, and the offer of a ride on one of these would get me back on the course. That is a key aspect of Golfboard sales pitch to courses – you will attract new golfers to your resort – and I think they are spot on. Whether I’d actually bother playing a round of golf is another matter.

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