Got Wood Toothbrush

Got Wood Toothbrush
10/09/2015 Byte9 Systems

Got Wood toothbrush – mother nature’s new lover

Plastic isn’t good for the planet, so anyway in which we can reduce our reliance on it get a big Bear & Bear tick.  Enter Got Wood.  Apart from having a playfully suggestive name, these brilliant designers have combined a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet.  These wooden toothbrushes could save hundreds of thousands of plastic ones going to landfill. I can’t do the numbers on how many plastic toothbrushes I’ve been through in my lifetime so far, but it’s a lot.  Apart from saving the world from climate change, Got Wood toothbrushes also look the business too.

Got Wood toothbrushes are naturally derived from Mao Bamboo, a sustainable resource and Panda friendly (Yay for Pandas!).  It also acts as an antimicrobial thanks to its capacity of destroying the growth of disease causing microorganisms – say hello to your new pearly whites.   The body of the toothbrushes are 100% biodegradable, so once you’ve loved it long enough, you can compost it!  While the bristles are made from Nylon-6 making it not biodegradable, you can shave the bristles and toss it in the bin so you can be extra caring to our generous planet. The box is biodegradable, made from non-toxic recyclable material and printed in soy bean ink – now that’s love!  Each Got Wood toothbrush is packaged by the team themselves in Melbourne Australia;  And if you haven’t been convinced already at how much Got Wood cares, they donate 20% of their sales towards  charities and special funding.

Make the swap today – you can buy Got Wood toothbrushes on their beautiful website for $5.65.

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