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Hello, Stylish Life

Design x Durability

We’ve gathered together 100 or so of our most popular products and split them into collections to make browsing quick and easy.

We select the brands we work with based on an innovative design ethic that ensures useful, functional products that look amazing. We test as many of the products as possible, but we also rely on your feedback as customers to validate our buying selection, so please contact us with any queries or comments.


Everyday Heroes

Ensure you have great things around you everyday for your daily missions. These are some of the basics we take with us everywhere.

Less Plastic Lifestyle

We’re on a mission to be as Earth conscious as possible at Bear & Bear. Any products that reduce our plastic use get a big thumbs up. Our buying strategy takes into account the lifetime use of products with a focus on both durability and timelessly stylish design.

Travel Accessories

Business trips, weekends away, long haul exploration… the reasons for travelling are as diverse as the places we go. It’s kind of what we live for, so we’re always on the look out for items that make our journeys easier, more efficient and stylish. It’s also vital that our travel kit goes the distance.

Anti Snooze Motivators

We are not natural early risers, so we’ve developed some motivating tactics to help ease our hand off the “snooze” button. Looking forward to a great coffee and delicious breakfast seems to make waking up just a little more enticing…

Summer Essentials

It’s beach time! Get ready to layback and relax in style with some handy accessories to make #beachlife a breeze.

Cool Camping

Few things compare with getting back to nature and exploring the wilderness. That doesn’t mean you need to slum it, with our kit you can ensure that every camping trip is deluxe.

Home Comforts

For us, the home is a sacred space that provides a place to chill and unwind. It should look great and be superbly comfortable. We work with a small selection of designers who reflect our design criteria.