Forget Ironing - It's Time You Started Steaming! 

If you're not yet part of the steaming club then what are you waiting for? Steamery Stockholm is a brand created by textile engineers to bring techniques and technology that's used by the professionals to you at an affordable price.  The days of painstakingly ironing shirts are over!  

If you want a another independent view on the benefits of steaming, Hannah Betts has tested out 5 steamers, and the clear winner was Steamery, her closing statement to here 5/5 review: 

"I'm having so much fun, I have to remind myself that it is a sunny bank holiday and I am indoors ironing. Only, I'm not ironing, I'm Stockholm steaming and loving every minute of it — finally feeling like a fabulous fashionista. For once, one should believe the hype."

These vides show you how to get the most out of your Stockholm Steamery fabric steamers and include tips on steaming t-shirts and all kinds of textiles.


How To Steam Your Clothes - 4 Basic Techniques

In this video, Frej Lewenhaupt textile engineer and co-founder of Steamery Stockholm reveals the four basic techniques to ensure you get the perfect results from your steaming.   

Frej runs through the following steaming techiques:

1. Steam from the outside

2. Steam from the inside 

3. Use the glove

4. Pressing the fabric

These examples feature the Cumulus Home Steamer, but they are Equally as applicable to the Cirrus Travel Steamer.

How To Steam Your T-Shirt

One of the most common questions out there refers to one of the most worn types of clothing on the planet.  No wrinkles are not just for suits and shirts - you can make sure that you look smart even in a T-shirt with some simple techniques. 

Textile engineer, Frej, promises it will take just a minute to ensure you look great for the rest of the day! 

How To Use The Cirrus Hand Steamer

This informative and short video takes you through the few steps needed to get your Cirrus No.2 handheld fabric steamer ready for steaming action.

1. Fill the tank with water

2. Attach the tank to the hand held steamer

3. Plug in the steamer

4. When the light turns green it is ready 

5. Find a spot to steam (either hanging or horizontal)

6. Grab the bottom of the garment and stretch it out

7. Push the button and press the steamer against the garment

8. You can even steam from the inside

9. If the button turns orange then wait a few seconds for it to heat up again

10. Use the provided heat protection bag for collars, hems and other details

How A Steamer Works

Ever wondered about the wonder of steaming and how it works?  Textile engineer Frej explains how steam helps to remove wrinkles and creases and gives some insight into the steamery products. 

We'll continue to add more information and advice about how best to get the most out of your Steamery Stockholm fabric steaming and garment care equipment.