Walking Shadows by Jason Ratliff

Walking Shadows by Jason Ratliff
12/08/2015 Byte9 Systems

Artist Jason Ratliff brings out shadows in a new light

Jason Ratliff, is an artist by passion and illustrator by trade.  We have grown particularly fond of his work, and the world he defines through his illustrations.  The Walking Shadow series is one that tugs at our heartstrings.

These illustrations leave you feeling that you can be whatever you want to be! This series exhibit a charming relationship between the urban characters and its colourful redefining shadows.  Ratliff reverses the role between shadow and subject by makes the rainbow coloured angular shaped shadow the center of attention. Using a mixture of ink, acrylic and a light dose of whimsy, the shadow and the person are the only subjects in his work confronting the observer with its bold presence against the beige background.  The results are beautiful!  The Walking Shadow series by Jason Ratliff is a beautiful addition to your home or the perfect birthday or housewarming gift for your loved one.

You can see his collection of work on his website

His illustrations are available to purchase from Society6


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