Photographer Profile: Josef Hoflehner

Photographer Profile: Josef Hoflehner
05/06/2015 Byte9 Systems

Photographer Profile: Josef Hoflehner

With instagram slowly taking over the world the definition of a ‘good photo’ has been lost. Josef Hoflehner reminds you there is an art to photography that involves much more than just clicking your trusty Valencia filter!

You may not know him by name, but you will recognise some of his breath-taking shots.

Hoflehner is an Austrian Photographer who received his first camera at the age of 20, went travelling and never looked back!

His most well-known series is the Jet Airliner (2009 – 2011). Here Hoflehner expertly captures the dramatic jet plane landings over the public beach on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten:

Patience was more recently completed (2009 – 2013), here Hoflehner strays from his iconic black and white landscapes by adding a splash of the most delicate pastel colours:

From Paris to Zanzibar, China to Hawaii and Latin America to Malaysia Hoflehner has captured some of the most populated corners of the earth as well as some of the least inhabited.

My personal favourite of all his portfolios is Yemen. Truly captivating! Heres a taster…

Blown away by these pics? View Hoflehner’s extensive portfolios here or purchase his new book – Waiting For The Sun – and get free delivery worldwide!

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