Coffee Lover Gift Guide – Upgrade Your Morning Ritual

Coffee Lover Gift Guide – Upgrade Your Morning Ritual
16/08/2016 Isabelle

Coffee Lover Gift Guide

We always liked a coffee, but since our visit to the London Coffee Festival we are now firmly in the “love” camp. This is hands down the best industry event we’ve been to – running around on a caffeine high talking gibberish to interesting people and finding some epic products. One thing that was clear from the event was that great coffee is no longer the preserve of bearded hipsters, coffee is quickly being recognised in the same way as wine or whisky. We’ve put together a Coffee Lover Gift Guide to introduce you to some of the products we now use daily to improve our coffee drinking routine.


Duo Coffee Steeper by Fellow – £100.00

A dual chamber ‘twist’ on the traditional French press for a full-bodied coffee without the gunk


Stagg Pour-Over Kettle by Fellow – £75.00
Beautifully functional slow pour kettle for more control and a better tasting coffee


Encore Electric Grinder by Baratza – £185.00
The ultimate domestic compact electric grinder with 40 grind settings to get that perfect grind and fresh flavour


Hand Grinder for Coffee by Rhinowares – £45.00
Simple yet brilliant manual coffee bean hand-grinder with settings to tailor the coarseness of your grind



Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine by Wacaco – £48.00
Compact, solid, hand-powered portable coffee machine for perfect espresso on the go



Coffee Travel Press by Espro – £30.00
Compact flask and a double filter cafetiere combined – a simple and delicious way to make coffee on the go




ESPRO Coffee Press by Espro – £70.00
The freshest French Press coffee maker available, uses two premium filters for a cleaner, tastier filter coffee


Hand-Powered Espresso Maker by ROK – £129.00–£149.00
Award-winning hand-powered espresso coffee machine – putting the power of perfect coffee in your hands


Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker by Alessi – £43.00–£59.00
Classic stove top espresso coffee maker reimagined and technically perfected to deliver the best espresso in a stunning silhouette


Moka Espresso Coffee Maker by Alessi – £28.00–£30.00
Sturdy stovetop espresso maker by designer Alessandro Mendini


Waste Tube Knock Box by Rhinowares – £27.00
Durable and easy to use waste tube for discarding coffee grounds


Stealth Milk Pitcher by Rhinowares – £16.00
Teflon professional, non-stick stainless steel pitcher for the home or professional barista


Toroid 2 Steaming Pitcher by Espro – £25.00
Make the perfect micro-foam every time with an innovatively designed and patented toroid pitcher that takes the hassle out of milk steaming



Joey Mug by Fellow – £20.00
Elegant double-walled ceramic coffee mug with sleek copper base


Brew Reusable 12oz (340ml) Glass Coffee Cup by KeepCup – £15.00
KeepCup X Bear & Bear exclusive colour collaboration for the ultimate reusable glass coffee cup


Collapsible Reusable Coffee Cup by Stojo – £15.00
Reusable coffee cup that collapses to fit in your pocket

Preparing a great cup of coffee is a ritual, but that’s part of the experience.  Anyone who loves real coffee but has tasted a Nespresso knows that something feels wrong about just pressing a button and getting a cup of coffee spat out, no matter how close it is to a decent cup (Editors note: Nespresso capsules are the most expensive and environmentally damaging way to experience coffee. Don’t do it!).

Our Coffee Lover Gift Guide is meant to stimulate some questions about how you currently prepare and make your coffee in the morning with the objective of enhancing that extremely important part of your day.  If you have any questions about the products or procedures we’ve mentioned in this article please get in touch:  [email protected]

Have a great coffee and a productive day,

Bear & Bear