Four Designer Cabins To Runaway To!

There’s something wonderfully romantic about the concept of Scandinavian cabins. Remote, wild and minimal, with the wood fire burning and a sauna close by.

We’ve discovered some very different Scandinavian cabins, all illustrating different aspects of wonderful Nordic design. The architects have created these hideouts with their own design ethos, and each is a fantastic contrast to the “traditional” winter cabin.

The cabins below range from outlandishly conceptual (but very real) tree houses to a  lodge that can only be reached on skis. They are all highly original, and there are some on the list that you can go visit yourself.

We hope you enjoy our selection:


The first Scandinavian cabin is an extremely minimalistic cabin in remote Finland designed by its architects to have the least possible impact on nature.

The main idea behind the cabin was to create a sustainable home to contrast the normal Finnish cottage that is heated all year round to prevent its water pipes from freezing. The building is well insulated and heated, there is no running water and all the electricity is provided by the sun.

Vegetables and herbs are grown on the grounds and Vaskivesi Lake is a great place to catch pike. The cross like shape of the Villa reaches towards four different views, including a lake and a forest.The position of each room has been cleverly chosen to suit the time of day. 

You get the morning light at the breakfast table, at midday in the dinning room and in the evening in the sitting room. There is never any direct light in the bedroom so that there is no need for curtains.

Double doors to the terrace are designed so that there are no internal and external limits giving the resident the option of a borderless home.The exterior is all black to contrast the interior which is very light. The dark outside of the house means that it disappears when viewed in front of the lake.


This angular cabin is partially sunk within the snow and is located close to the famous town of Lillehammer. It’s an optical illusion that gives a mystical edge to this remote outpost hidden in the forest.

the slanted roof forms create a lot of space within the cabin and can also be used for sledging and skiing (apparently!).  It’s only 55 square metres, but packs a small sauna plus ski preparation room within its confines.

It runs entirely on solar power and heated with the help of a wood fire.


In contrast to the hidden ski lodge, traditional wooden tree houses in the Norwegian Brumunddal Forest allow visitors to sleep high up in the trees looking down at the occasional bear or elk walking by.

There are a number of options on this micro campsite. The most recently introduced is the Sky Hut, which is 13m high with panoramic views.  This is a location to behold in all seasons and you can see more at: treetop


For a more luxury and design inspired type of tree house experience there are the eco Treehotels in Lapland where visitors can stay in a range of rooms that include the nest, mirrorcube, UFO or 7th Room.

The cabins are high up in the canopy of the Boreal forest 40 miles from the Arctic Circle so that you can catch the Northern Lights at the right time.

Each of the Treehotels have been designed by a different architect, our favourite is probably the mirror cube that is covered in a way that makes it only visible to birds. To the human eye it only reappears when the sun moves from behind the clouds.

The birds nest is and built on the outside with branches foraged from the forest, it is designed as a cocoon, with furnishings in dark felt and only a few small porthole windows for light. A ladder operated by remote control is withdrawn completely once guests are inside, so that from below only the branches of the nest’s base are visible.

These are incredible spaces and worth checking out, especially if you want to experience the Northern Lights.

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