Top Ten: Daily Essentials

Top Ten: Daily Essentials
30/09/2019 sam
fellow stagg graphite gifts for 50 to 100

One of the pleasures of running Bear & Bear is getting to test out all the great products we’re considering for the site. Some of these have been welcomed into our everyday life, and this is our current top 10 of daily essentials.  They are items that we use without fail and have stood the test of time.

This item is in the number one spot because we honestly think it has a place in every home. These cloths are excellent for cleaning surfaces and highly absorbent. They are naturally anti-bacterial and biodegradable and  because they are machine washable our first roll of 20 has lasted months.

This is another magical product that combines exceptional performance with durability and unsurpassed eco credentials. The bristles are tough enough to remove almost all debris from an oven dish after a soak, yet they don’t scratch pans. There are a few other options in the range, but this one gets the most use for us.

We are complete coffee addicts, and new converts to “pour over” coffee. The stylish looks of the Stagg stove top kettle are almost as good a reason as the great taste to get into this method of brewing.

Francesca: I love the design of this, there’s something about pineapples that make me smile. I take this striking sleeve with me whenever I take my laptop anywhere, which is pretty often!

Using plastic bottles just makes us feel lazy and bad. This stainless steel bottle offers excellent insulation properties to keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours, and cold for twice that. All this in a very eye-catching silhouette and a range of superb colours. We get nervous leaving the house without it… Stay hydrated in style!

Sam: We have a great range of backpacks on the website, and I’ve tested the majority of them. As a result I have a pretty good selection to choose from at home, but this one from Millican is so multi-purpose that it has to be my pick for everyday use. It’s a great size with just enough tech pockets, lightweight and water resistant.

Sam: Bellroy excel in wallet design and it can be hard to choose which one of the range to go for. I’ve got to say the Slim is the one for me. It’s compact and the restricted space means I don’t keep receipts and other rubbish in it for too long!

Francesca: I’m on a big push to introduce greenery around the home, so it makes sense to have a beautiful watering can that I can proudly display. This one is nicely balanced for an accurate pour and looks completely unique.

Francesca: It’s not hard to see why this is such a popular bag, I adore its sublime simplicity. There’s something refined about the materials and size that just works.

Very well priced, and a true guest-pleaser when it comes to entertaining these champagne glasses are in the daily essentials list as we aspire to drink (just a glass) every day. It doesn’t happen, but these glasses and the others in the Ripple Range are must-haves in our opinion.

So that’s a selection of our top 10 of daily essentials. We might need to keep separate lists for both of us as the number of useful products that we are welcoming into our every day life keeps growing.  Hopefully there’s some inspiration for everyone!