Wacaco Nanopresso: The Right Roast Unboxing & Nanopresso Hacks

Wacaco Nanopresso: The Right Roast Unboxing & Nanopresso Hacks
22/01/2018 conor


We love a good coffee and whilst we’re not winning any barista awards, we do appreciate the finer details of a great cup of brew. Ever since we laid our paws on Wacaco’s revolutionary Minipresso, we’ve been sampling the delights of great coffee wherever we might be.

It’s like a pocket barista without tattoos that you can take with you anywhere. We’ve taken ours on surf trips, mountain hikes and one adventurous customer even took it to the base camp of Everest.

Late last year came the launch of the Nanopresso – the same concept, yet refined. Smaller and packing even more power. In fact, the Nanopresso can pump 18 bars of pressure, that’s actually more than most domestic espresso machines. We couldn’t believe the results – a full-bodied espresso, with a crema to match that of any artisan coffee shop.

When we’re visiting a city, we’ll make a point of visiting the independent specialist coffee shop to get a boost for exploring the surroundings, but Tim Rogg from the Right Roast has taken this to the next level.  He’s a bonafide coffee aficionado and makes it his business to visit independent coffee shops all over the world and conduct ad-hoc tastings.

We couldn’t wait to get a Nanopresso over to Tim to get his thoughts on the mean machine. He’s filmed a short unboxing video and gathered together a bunch of useful tips following a more extended period of use that he’s shared with us below.

The Right Roast has also just set-up a new type of coffee subscription service. The premise is simple; three samples of light roast, single-origin coffee chosen by them, delivered straight to your door. You can find out more on their website here.

Tim’s Nanopresso hints & hacks

Whilst I’m not really an espresso guy, my preference is a filtered coffee (as you can see by my videos), I’m into the Nanopresso and can see the benefits.  After shooting the video I’ve used it a number of times and come up with some useful tips that I think will get you on the path to a great coffee:

  • Don’t grind your coffee too fine. It needs to be more like ground salt, and not fine like dust to get the best extraction.
  • Pre heat the machine – simply pump some hot water through to preheat the Nanopresso. This will leave you with a hotter final shot, better extraction, and richer crema.
  • Pump every second, no faster. You can check to see if the pump speed is right by checking the colour of the water in the tank after use. If it is not clear and a bit murky, you have been pumping too fast and coffee is being passed back through.
  • Clean after every use. Wait a few minutes after extraction and your espresso puck will be nice and dry for an easy clean up.  One wack of the filter basket should do it!
  • Make sure the nozzle is clean and clear for a perfect pour and crema.
  • Add a trickle of sparkling water to the water tank, along with regular still water, this will help to create a causes a quick release of carbon dioxide which is what crema is composed of.  You can get a nice extra frothy head on your shot this way!

Bear & Bear take great pride in ensuring that our knowlege of every product is tip top. If you have any further questions in regards to the Nanopresso, or any other product for that matter, do give us a shout via our contact us form.

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