KeepCup Exclusive Colours

KeepCup Exclusive Colours
05/02/2016 Byte9 Systems

Bear & Bear X KeepCup Exclusive Colours – Unique Combo for Our Favourite Reusable Coffee Cup

Bear & Bear are huge fans of KeepCup – they designed the first ever reusable, barista-sized coffee cup.  They’ve recently expanded the range with a glass “brew” version and Bear & Bear leapt at the opportunity to create a unique and exclusive colour combination. So we have our first KeepCup X Bear & Bear collaboration, and we’re very excited to present our KeepCup Exclusive Colours.

If you’re not aware of the brilliance of the KeepCup and why anyone who likes a coffee on the go ought to own one, then please read on… There’s too much goodness to fit into a product description.

Simply put it is the ultimate travel companion for your coffee, and anything that might make your commute a little less painful gets a big thumbs up from us.

Some of the features that achieve this fine feat are:

  1. KeepCup fits under a proper coffee machine so your friendly barista can fill it with artisanal coffee
  2. It has a smart swivel plug that keeps the coffee inside and stops spillages
  3. It’s made from durable and resilient soda lime glass
  4. Pretty much everyone who sees you with this cup will give you a knowing nod or ask where you got it

But all the above are just the milk froth, what makes KeepCup exceptionally great is the commitment to ethical and sustainable standards. Here are some big facts that you may not have heard, and what led the founders of KeepCup on their journey:

  • Each minute over a million disposable cups are discarded to landfill
  • Most of these disposable cups are non-recyclable due to the polythene lining
  • Nearly four billion trees (35% of total trees) are used in paper industries around the world every year

KeepCup is here to change all of that.  Designed in Australia, KeepCup are highly ethical and eco-friendly reusable cups with a mission – to kick start the demise of the disposable.  Here are the facts as to why we need to convert, folks:

  • KeepCup has saved 3 billion disposable cups from being used and tossed into landfill.
  • For each year of use, KeepCup reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 92% compared to disposable cups.
  • Compared to disposable cups, KeepCup also reduces water use by up to 90%.

This brand is making a difference and inspires us to do the same.  When we find a product that is functional, well-designed and ethical, it gets us very excited.   When we get accepted to collaborate on our own colour combos, we go wild. So behold the KeepCup Exclusive Colours below.

We decided on a smooth and streamlined charcoal theme for one cup, and a bright, fresh and pinky pink for our other. We hope you like our pick and urge you to do the right thing… You can purchase the Brew 12oz (340ml) reusable coffee cup for £15 directly from our site.  Enter this code at checkout for £2.50 off these products: KEEPCUP

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