08/07/2015 Byte9 Systems

Kokoon Headphones: The Ultimate Sleep Sanctuary

Ok, let’s be honest, you forked out two hundred notes on those Beats in a bid to look like the biggest bad-ass on your block. 
You wanted to head-bop head down to some achingly street hipster grime (Who are we kidding? BEYONCE!) when popping in to your local Tesco Metro for a pint of blue top. All fine so far – but what about slipping on the right cans for when you’re back home and you clock out late at night? For this The Kokoon headphones might just be the set-up you’ve been waiting for. 
Unlike Dr Dre’s clunky skull candy, these babies are designed to caress and wrap around the side of your head whilst you nap. There are air vents in place to make sure your ears don’t get sweaty and end up looking more cauliflower-esque than the lobes on a British Lions prop forward. 
Kokoon headphones
And if that isn’t enough the headset has an in-built EEG sensor which detects when you nod off. The music automatically turns down meaning you’ll never again be woken up by that insufferable Meatloaf drum solo blaring out of your iPhone dock speakers. Oh, and there’s more. The mechanism will track the right moment of your sleeping pattern to bring you back to the land of the living thereby rousing you from dreams of rescuing that Scandinavian netball team from their burning tour bus in the nicest way possible. We hope.
kokoon headphones
These aren’t out until the beginning of next year. If you can’t wait that long for Kokoon headphone heaven, check out Bear & Bear’s Bluetooth Headphones


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