La Boite Concept Review – The Ultimate Plug-and-Play Laptop Dock

La Boite Concept Review – The Ultimate Plug-and-Play Laptop Dock
15/09/2015 Byte9 Systems

La Boite Concept Review- The Ultimate Plug-and-Play Laptop Dock

Our La Boite Concept review  cover the history and development of this innovative and frankly brilliant speaker desk. We visited their factory in South West France to hear the awesome acoustics for ourselves.

When the French do music well they smash it, think Cassius and Daft Punk.  There is also a renowned history in innovation of music equipment. Founders of La Boîte Concept, French brothers Timothee & Guillaume, are music enthusiasts with high-end audio in their blood.  Their grandfather set-up the SIARE speaker company in 1938, and for 50 years they revolutionised the speaker acoustics with consistent innovation.

Timothee & Guillaume’s goal was to create a useful product that would simplify the music listening experience at home without any compromises. Their mastermind creation La Boite Concept is the first hi-fidelity system designed as a laptop dock – behold this beauty:


They had seen a shift in behaviour with music lovers playing tunes from devices that they they wanted to have on show and have easy access to. They also felt that the design of speakers had not really moved on since the 1930’s and they wanted to combine their love of design with a knowledge for incredible sound.

I saw La Boîte Concept in a shop in France and when I looked them up online it turns out their offices are based 20 minutes away from where I live.  So I met up with them and took a tour of the factory and their sound development room.  What was immediately clear from their testing facilities is that these guys are seriously into their sound. They hear and feel audio in a different way to the average person, and some of the innovations within this kit are truly ground-breaking.  I was worried that the sound may be too directional with the facing speaker position, but the system is designed to have the right amount of sound bounce off a wall behind the desk and reflect at you.  So your audio experience is a full on body rock that creates an immersive atmosphere of sound without being deafened.



How does it work?  A built-in high-quality digital to analog converter sound card translates the digital audio of the laptop via USB into analogue. The signal is fed to 2 x 25 watts + 1 x 70 watts amps, through to seven speakers developed exclusively for La Boite: two tweeters, two full range, two mid and one woofer. It is designed to be placed against a wall, so the two full-range speakers at the rear of the unit disperse and reflect off the wall, creating a wide stereo audio, even when standing or sitting close to the unit. All of these pieces and parts have been exclusively developed by La Boîte Concept themselves and the quality is comparable with any of the top tier of household speakers .

Play music directly from your phone, iPod, iPad or any portable music player output thanks to the minijack input.  Or if you choose to use any other audio device, there are RCA audio jacks as well as a bluetooth adapter to allow for wireless playback. Did we mention that this desk also features bass and treble controls plus a built-in plug for providing laptop or device power?

The best part is the entire unit only requires a single cable to be plugged in, and this is hidden in the leg for a clean, tidy aesthetic.  Aside from its brilliant features,  La Boite Concept saves energy! The low consumption mode is detected automatically after 15 minutes of no audio.  And its kind to mother nature thanks to the materials used which are widely recyclable.

In fact whilst the technical team in the office focus on perfecting the audio, the amazing wooden finishes comes from artisans deep in the Basque country. These are not cheap speakers, but they are great value considering the exceptional quality.  In fact, they are priced so that the audio quality is pound-for-pound as good as any speaker system out there, but with the added bonus of the amazing design of the case.

La Boite Concept have also collaborated with artists like SupaKitch in order to bring you customised pieces. Here’s a short video:

Whether you use it as a desk for work, web or music, this laptop-loving musical furniture is built to sing to satisfy your musical cravings.  The two models that they recommend are the desk shaped LD130 and the coffee table version Cube Thruster.

There are a variety of options available and we are choosing a couple of our favourites to feature on Bear & Bear, so stay posted for the chance to purchase one for yourself or a very special friend soon.


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