Lexus Hoverboard

Lexus Hoverboard
06/08/2015 Byte9 Systems

Lexus Hoverboard: The Future Has Arrived!

A couple of months back someone sent me a link to what looked like car company using a hoverboard to promote their wares….. I was cynical.  Today someone sent me this – just watch it:

I was wrong to pre-judge them.  Maybe I’m wrong about fossil fuels too.  Perhaps the earth is flat?  Everything is called into question with the release of this video.

I had to do some more digging to find out if it actually exists, and I found this video that has them testing it:

Bottom line, this thing is real, the Lexus Hoverboard looks immense and very difficult to ride, but I salute Lexus for their commitment to making our 90’s vision of the future a reality.  It is absolutely epic.

Some photos to peruse with witty comments:


If you head here you can read all about it in exceptional detail and watch more videos including a documentary (which I have watched).  Is anyone else as excited as me about this?

I very much hope to be eating concrete from Lexus Hoverboard in the near future, maybe now I’ve written this post they’ll send me one.  And a magnetic skatepark?




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