Lucis Brand Profile

Lucis Brand Profile
16/08/2016 Isabelle

Lucis Brand Profile

We first spotted Lucis through an IndieGogo campaign that smashed it’s target within 5 days of launching.  What caught our eye was the sleek looking object, the mention of 16 million colours, and the very affordable price.  We immediately wanted them, and finally they are here: welcome to our Lucis Brand Profile, let us show you the light!

The Lucis is extremely portable and USB chargeable making it perfect to move around your home  or take with you to light up someone else’s life for a bit. With a very impressive 80 hours of battery life you are covered for some extended trips (perhaps even a holiday).

The co-founder and designer of Lucis is a chap called Simon Koop, who describes his objectives simply: “My vision of a perfect lamp is a balance between material, design, lumen output, it needs to be wireless— and that’s Lucis”. He designed Spyker Cars for a decade, so he knows all about high end design.

This video nicely explains how the Lucis helps create the perfect mood:

At the essence of Lucis is the fundamental belief in how important light is in our lives.  By giving people more control over the light that they experience, the objective is an extension of power and control over other parts of our lives.  Lucis is a social light, designed to be shared and played with, and that is a major part of the product.  It isn’t attached to a wall or chilling, it is free and versatile. You can switch it on and off by shaking it, and it functions using touch sensors that change the brightness and colour.

Lucis is available now exclusively in the UK through Bear & Bear for £50. Play with light to your heart’s delight.