MIITO – Beautifully designed and sustainable way to heat liquids

MIITO – Beautifully designed and sustainable way to heat liquids
25/05/2015 Byte9 Systems

Chuck your kettle in the bin (or dispose of it in a sustainable way) – there’s a new game in town.

MIITO is an exceptionally innovative device that directly heats liquids in their vessel eliminating the need for kettles. It will not only look swish on your countertop, but you will also be saving a huge amount in wasted electricity. As Leyla Acaroglu stated during her 2014 TED Talk “One day of extra energy use [from overfilling electric kettles] is enough to light all the streetlights in England for a night.”


The MIITO is a game changer, not only replacing the kettle but the microwave and gas stove as well due to its ability to heat up milk, coffee, soups, broths, sauces and even baby food. It is not a magic wand though so don’t try and heat up solid food with it!


Simply fill any non-ferrous vessel of your choice (yes, cups, bowls, glass, tea pots are all MIITO-able). Place it on the induction base, immerse the heating rod in the liquid and let the liquid boil. Ta dah! Ok, maybe it is a little magic.

MIITO looks into-the-future-esque but it is simple and safe to use. It has a one button system and a touch sensor that makes sure it only works when the heating rod is in place. Once the liquid is boiled, the device will signal and shift back to Standby mode – to turn it fully off simply place the rod back on the base. The base itself doesn’t heat up at all unlike stove tops. The base heats the rod which in turn heats the liquid.


The MIITO is set to take the world of appliances by storm, with 22 days to go of their kickstarter campaign they have already more than doubled their initial pledge of €150,000. You are now looking to pay a minimum of €90 to secure a MITTO, however delivery isn’t until April 2016. Can you wait a year to start saving the world?

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