Millican : A Meaningful Journey – WIN A Backpack Bundle

Millican : A Meaningful Journey – WIN A Backpack Bundle
01/06/2016 conor


Born from a love of the outdoors, Millican produces backpacks, bags and accessories with durability, utility and functionality at the heart of their designs. They source materials produced locally, using wool from the Herdwick sheep of nearby farms and tanning their leathers in the only bark tannery in Britain. The result? Understated, multifunctional bags and packs designed for the outdoors that are also perfect for the city commute.


Millican celebrates the meaning in every journey. In their series ‘Meaningful Journeys’, they explore creative mavericks and independent spirits who travel their own path through life.

Deep in the Swedish countryside, where nature and a sense of curiosity meet, lives Emil Eklöv. Emil views the world through a lens of wonder, of questions and of curiosity. His restless spirit, his refusal to conform and his humble maverickness have carved out a life forever in play.



With summer in full swing, we’ve collaborated with Millican to offer you the chance to win a backpack bundle. The bundle includes a Fraser 32L and a Smith 18L; perfect for any adventure. Entering couldn’t be simple and can be seen below.