Ooni portable pizza ovens are simply the best!  They have changed the way we (and most of our friends!) eat pizza.  No longer is pizza a last-ditch dinner to be pulled out of the freezer, heated at 200 degrees and scoffed down.  Nor is it an over-priced and indulgent take-away meal that arrives cold and slightly soggy and makes you immediately regretful.   This is an emotional, collective experience that makes you feel Italian in all the right ways. Using fine indgredients, freshly prepared dough and an astoundingly hot oven, suddenly some magical ambience is unleashed that turns pizza into an event to be appreciated and shared.  We host many a pizza party as soon as the weather permits, and invite guests to bring random toppings and then encourage them to make their own pizzas.  When else is it acceptable to invite people around and then have them cook for themselves? With an Ooni pizza oven anything is possible.

You're here because you're ready to take the leap into the world of Ooni pizza ovens - but there are a few exceptional designs to choose from.  This Oonii pizza oven review is all about breaking down the different options so you have all the facts to make the right choice. All of these pizza ovens are portable and heat up to a tremendously hot 500 degrees and make superb pizza.

Fyra 12 - Wood-fired Simplicity

This is natural successor to the original Ooni oven, at £249 it is the cheapest of the lot and is perfect if you want to keep it simple and classic, but retain the flavour of wood-fired pizza. If you're the kind of pizzaola who is prepared to take the time to fire up the pellets and get a traditional taste then this is the model to go for.


This video gives a nice introduction to the advantages of the Fyra pizza oven:

Koda 12 - Instant Heat

At £299 it has a slightly higher price point than the Fyra, and you're getting "ease" for that extra spend. Simply put, there's no pellets to contend with and it heats up a faster. You miss out on some wood-fired flavour, but if your ingredients are top-notch this could be a worthwhile trade-off. If you are concerned about the potential "faff" of having to wood fire your oven everytime you want to use it then this could be the best option for you. We tried it and the results from this sleek looking pizza over are astounding.


This video gives more details on the benefits of the Koda pizza oven:

Karu - Gives You Options

There is something nice about keeping your options open, and with the Karu you get just that!  Out of the box it's fired by wood pellets or charcoal, but by adding the gas converter (sold separately) it can be powered by gas.  This allows you to get started with wood or charcoal, and then add gas in the future.  All your bases are nicely covered. 


Watch this video about the Karu pizza oven to learn more about how it works:

That is the nitty gritty of the differences between these brilliant portable Ooni pizza ovens.  Ooni have now been making pizza ovens for almost 10 years and they have done nothing short of revolutionise the home pizza oven.  It's now possible to have your own epic, tasty pizza at home cooked under perfect conditions at an affordable price.  Ooni have not stopped at the oven, they have also created some incredibly useful accessories for the Ooni oven, and expert pizza making in general:

Pizza Oven Accessories