Orbitkey Brand Profile

Orbitkey Brand Profile
14/04/2016 Byte9 Systems

We’re really excited to present our Orbitkey Brand Profile. This is a brilliant design of keyring from Melbourne that redefines the way you carry your keys.   Bear & Bear are so proud to introduce this brand to our collection, here’s our scoop on what makes this elegant key organiser so damn cool.

We are all familiar with the rattling keys dilemma. Jangling during your daily jog is never a strong look/sound.  And shuffling in your handbag, arm deep, trying to find your keys – is a real first world struggle.  Bear & Bear wanted to find the ultimate solution for this all-too-common problem and stumbled upon the brilliant Orbitkey.  A startup based in Melbourne, Orbitkey is a practical and elegant key organiser that you will be proud to carry! Charles, the founder, initially designed Orbitkey as a personal project to soothe the sound of key-rattling.  He soon discovered that many shared his frustrations and subsequently launched a successful kickstarter campaign in 2013. Today, Orbitkey continuously changes the way people interact with their keys.  Let us tell you more…. with our Orbitkey Brand Profile….

This cleverly designed key organiser holds up to 8 keys, including chubb keys.  The end  loop attachment also allows you to put a car key or fob, or both!  Thanks to its locking mechanism and leather finish, Orbitkey keeps everything intact and prevents keys from scratching your electronic devices.

Watch the video below to see how Orbitkey is assembled together:

Anyone can benefit from this product.  For guys – you no longer have to deal with the awkward bulge or keys tearing through your jeans.  Women – you can now get your keys in and out of your handbag/clutch easily without having to the fumble. And whether you are running, jogging or being active – you will no longer have to deal with your keys rattling around.

So that’s our Orbitkey Brand Profile – we urge you to put an end to rattling keys and for only £25 purchase your very own Orbitkey from our selection of colours today!


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