The Oru Bay Kayak and Bay +

The Oru Bay Kayak and Bay +
02/06/2015 Byte9 Systems


It’s hard to believe that this highly original and extremely niche piece of art (literally, it is on permanent show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) is actually a fully functional and extremely durable kayak too!



The Story

Ever been forced to downsize, folded your clothes away, packed belongings into boxes, even folded down your bicycle to a manageable size and stood staring at your imposing fibreglass canoe? No. Me neither. But this was the issue faced by Anton Willis when moving into a San Fran apartment. Even though you have never faced this problem, you will definitely benefit from his ingenious solution.

After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, Oru has now shipped thousands of Kayaks worldwide.


The Product

Just watch this –

It’s a folding down kayak. A folding down kayak you can check in on flights. You can take on hikes. And, most importantly, paddle the ocean in!



The kayaks have been through rigorous tests

There is nothing the Oru team has forgotten – Oru paddles that fit into their Oru back pack, Oru PFD, Oru Spray Skirt to custom fit your Oru Kayak, Oru Float Bags and don’t forget your Oru Dry Bag for your belongings!

Their pride in their product and love for kayaking radiates from their website and I have never seen such an extensive care and support page. If you still have any questions are exploring it and viewing their support page, then you clearly didn’t read it correctly. If you don’t want to hand over your credit card immediately, then go and read it again.

Currently they have The Bay and The Bay+ for sale on their site

They have also recently launched their next Kickstarter pledge with their Coast Series Kayaks

Quick Facts

– How big is the box? The Oru Kayak folds up into a carrying case that is: 29 x 32 x 13 inches. The case also comes with a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

– How much does the Oru Kayak weigh? The Oru Kayak weighs 26 lbs, about half as much as a rotomolded kayak with the same dimensions.

– Can I take the Oru Kayak on a plane? Yes, the Oru Kayak can be checked as luggage, and the best way to protect the kayak during transport is to pack it inside of the Oru Pack.

– How do I carry equipment, paddles, PFD, etc.? When folded up into a case, there is room to store a 4-piece collapsible Oru Paddle, the Oru Lights and the Oru Float bags, in addition to all of the kayak loose components. When unfolded as a kayak, you stash gear under the rubber deck straps, or store it inside the kayak behind the seat. They also offer a backpack that is designed for the Oru Kayak that can easily carry all you might need: – the Oru Pack.

– Will repeated folding weaken the skin? The skin is manufacturer rated for 20,000 fold cycles – that’s a lot of folds.

oru kayak

Take me to San Francisco already!

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