Our Favourite Christmas Cocktails

Our Favourite Christmas Cocktails
18/11/2016 conor

Our Favourite Christmas Cocktails

It’s our favourite time of the year again… Christmas is around the corner and the excuse to drink in high consumption has already gripped us.

And nothing feels more festive than cocktails with a bunch of friends – in fact, there’s nothing more that we love than cocktails at Christmas. So here’s some of our all-time favourites to give you a little inspiration if you’re hosting this year.

Old Fashioned

Need we say anymore? The classic, the boss! Rye, sugar, bitters, orange and a good ‘old fashioned’ stir… does it get any better? A winter warmer wherever you may be.

Our favourite Christmas cocktails

Credit: @barleatherapron

Porn-star Martini

A now modern classic; it may not be the first choice of many, but the shot of Prosecco does give this one an extra little Christmas charm. With strong, sweet flavours of passion fruit and vanilla, the Porn-star martini is not only decadent, but also incredibly smooth.

OUr Favourite Christmas Cocktails

Credit: @miss_collin

Bakewell Fizz

Christmas morning Prosecco with a difference. Jazz it up with a Kirsch drenched cherry and then an additional tablespoon of Kirsch to the bottom of the glass, finished with a measure of Disaronno topped with Prosecco. Nice!

Our Favourite Christmas Cocktails

Credit: oannewalker62

Flat White Martini

A fresh, dynamic take on a classic… incorporating the most popular coffee of the modern day. The ‘Flat White Martini’ is sweet with sophistication and bold with slightly bitter notes. Give this guy a crack and bring out the bartender and barista in you and it’ll be sure thing to blow your friends away this festive season!

Our Favourite Christmas Cocktails

Credit: @miracledream

We hope you’ve enjoyed a few of our suggestions – if we’ve missed anything let us know and hit up one of our social media channels.

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