Winter is no time to forget about the great outdoors - with a little preparation you can make use of the fading daylight and extend your outdoor adventures into the night.  The trick is having the right kit to stay warm, illuminated and fed when the temperature turns.  We've made a selection that will give you plenty of reasons to brave the colder seasons in search of bracing fresh air and epic scenery.  

Barebones Living

These keen purveyors of outdoor goods are the perfect place to start for some key items that will ensure the outdoors is not just for summer. The whole range is conceived with eating outdoors in mind, and that's the perfect way to stay warm. 

With their durable range of cordless lights and assortment of dining accessories Barebones Living have thoughtfully provided the basics for thriving outdoors during the colder months. 

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Anevay Stoves

These portable stoves were originally designed for disaster areas to enable communities under extreme pressure to stay warm and cook with whatever wood they could find.  The robust design was recently updated for the commercial market and Anevay now have 3 types of epic stove that are made in the UK. For your garden or for adventures further afield you cannot go wrong with one of these.

The Horizon is the perfect eco-friendly rocket stove and the frontier stove range takes outdoor cooking and heating to the next level.

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For colder nights, there is really no substitute for an exceptional blanket. Even sitting around a fire, a bit of additional warmth is a welcome source of extra heat. They are unbelievably useful things to have around the home, but they really come into their own when you decide to step outside into a bit of wilderness.  We are extremely proud to have two awesome blanket suppliers on Bear & Bear.


Made from recycled repreve fabrics, these superbly comfortable and warm blankets come in three different versions and offer 4-in-1 functionality - blanket, pillow, poncho and sleeping bag. 

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These highly technical blankets are available in two insulated fabrics and make ideal companions for your next roadtrip or your sofa. They are machine washable and highly compressible.

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Ooni Pizza Ovens

Pizza parties are one of our favourite dining experiences, and there's no reason to stop the fun just because it's a little chilly outside!  Preparing pizza is a great way to stay warm, and once the oven is fired up there's some extra heat to take advantage of. 

These are highly portable pizza ovens, so with a little organisation you can even move the whole party out of the garden and into the wild.  Where's the most remote place you can think of having pizza?

There are three different ovens to choose from and a whole host of amazing accessories to make the whole process as easy as pie. If you've not got your own pizza oven yet you don't need to wait for summer.  

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Great coffee need not be restricted to indoors thanks to the genius innovators at Wacaco. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of coffee brewing on the move.  From the Nanopresso that pumps out epic espressos and has a range of epic accessories to the Pipamoka filter coffee maker they have your caffeine fix sorted.  

The newly introduced Octorama vacuum mugs even give you the option of making your coffee before leaving home if you choose. The bottom line is that if you fancy taking your coffee game outdoors then Wacaco have the kit for you. 

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The inventors of the Napsack - a sleeping bag you can wear - have a few other helpful bits of equipment to ensure you're making the most of life outdoors whatever the season.  

So whether you're hanging out in a hammock or want a seat at the table, Poler have kindly developed the kit for you. 

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The conclusion? If you have the right kit there are no excuses left - it's possible to wrap up warm, and make the most of the great outdoors whatever the season.