Plan the Perfect Picnic

Plan the Perfect Picnic
04/07/2016 Isabelle

Summer is supposedly here and that means picnics! Get ready with our guide to the perfect picnic so when the sun shines you’re set to go.  We’ve broken it down into some different elements to consider to make sure you’ve got a head start for prime picnic position when the time comes (please let it be this weekend!). 


First thing to consider is how to transport your perfect picnic set-up to the venue.  Whether you’re crossing town or heading to the local park, you’re going to need a bag for all our great eating and drinking recommendations, so take a look at these for some ideas:

Stuffable Backpack 14L by POLER – £30.00

An ultra lightweight, ripstop, stuffable 14L backpack, perfect to pack away into your jacket or bag for when you need it.  This is useful as once you’ve eaten all your goodies you can pack it away.


Wildwood Pack 17L by POLER – £70.00

Uniquely functional pack that combines a backpack with a cool bag, what is cooler (sorry) than this?


21L Canvas Cycling Double Pannier by ALBAN – £93.00
Superbly functional vintage styled 21L durable canvas double panier bag with multiple carry options – perfect for cycling to the park and allowing you to still bring the perfect picnic party stash.


Tin Cloth Small Duffle Bag 31.5L by FILSON – £99.00
This classic looking and extremely robust water resistant 31.5L duffle bag is a bargain from Filson and is a superb choice for any adventure.

Les The Cooler Bag by MILLICAN – £99.00

Stylish and robust, plastic-free cooler bag that promises 8 hours of insulation thanks to locally sourced Hardwick wool – this is a high-performance cool bag that will fit into the most select of picnics.




You’ve made it to the park, first order of business is to get yourself set-up, and for this we suggest two alternatives for a ground base sheet, and a phenomenally stylish sun shade.

Pocket Outdoor Blanket by MATADOR – £24.00
Pocket friendly, water and puncture resistant outdoor blanket – perfect for beach trips, festivals and picnics


Double Parasheet Beach Blanket by GRAND TRUNK – £34.00

The essential blanket for your next beach trip or picnic, this 2m x 2m hardwearing and easy-to-clean groundsheet packs down for easy storage and transportation


Cotton Sun Canopy by LOVING SUMMER – £150.00
Unique and stylish sun shade made from a light cotton canvas that packs into a small carry bag




With your ground sheet and sun shade firmly in place, it’s time to work on the ambience, and these speakers are powerful partners in grime (or other musical selection of your choice):

Switch Bluetooth Speaker by NATIVE UNION – £99.00
3-way Bluetooth portable speaker, packed with superb features including conference call facilities


A Move Bluetooth Music Player by KREAFUNK – £100.00

Bluetooth portable music player with 20 hour working time so you never skip a beat



Getting down to the real business of a picnic – it’s all about eating and drinking for as long as the weather holds out.  This little selection will make sure you and your buddies remain fed and refreshed for the duration:

Coffee Travel Press by ESPRO – £30.00

Compact flask and a double filter cafetiere combined – a simple and delicious way to make coffee on the go



Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine by WACACO – £48.00
Compact, solid, hand-powered portable coffee machine for perfect espresso on the go


Sommelier Corkscrew by ALESSI – £30.00
Bold, pocket-sized sommelier corkscrew designed by Alessandro Mendini

Solid Wood Corkscrew by L’ATELIER DU VIN – £82.00

Elegant and refined solid wood and chrome wine bottle opener that will bring a touch of professionalism to any occasion

Kadiri Mango Wood Tray Set – Set of 3 by NKUKU – £40.00

A set of three handmade mango wood serving trays


Medium Indus Wooden Bowl by NKUKU – £40.00
Rustic wooden bowl made from mango wood, each with its own unique character


Bottle Carafe with Copper Lid by MENU – £39.00
Traditional bottle form transformed into a 1l transparent carafe with contrasting copper lid


Given that you’ve set the scene for the perfect picnic it’s safe to say that  no-one will want to leave, so after evading the park wardens, you can settle in for the evening with a couple of lighting accessories:

Lucis Wireless Lamp by INNOVATIVE BRANDS – £50.00
Portable, wireless 250 lumen light with 80 hours of charge and 16 million colours that will illuminate your outdoor spaces

Carrie Lantern by MENU – £79.00
Steel indoor and outdoor decorative vase lantern


A couple of other useful bits to consider are a way to capture your perfect picnic experience and all the new friends you’ve made – through the magic of celluloid – and a charger that makes sure you can instagram/snap chat/facebook the hell out of the occasion and make everyone else jealous:

Lomo’Instant Honolulu Edition by LOMOGRAPHY – £129.00
Perfectly sized instant camera to take wherever you go with three lenses, Fish-eye, Close-up, Portrait, and coloured gel filters for instant effects


To Charge Power Bank by KREAFUNK – £45.00
High performance and great looking phone charging power bank

So that’s our lot as far as picnics go, but hopefully that gives you some ideas as to how to plan the perfect picnic and turn up with something a little more exciting than a mouldy frisbee and can of beer.  Who knows how many sunny days there are going to be in a British summer?  So make the most of them!