Plastic Free Periods?

Plastic Free Periods?
06/03/2017 sam

International Women’s Day – Empowering Women and Reducing Plastic in one sweep By City To Sea

Let’s be honest, periods are rarely a cause for celebration. But with this Friday being International Women’s Day, we caught up with the team at City To Sea to get their tips on making this monthly occurrence cheaper and less plastic.

They are experts at stopping plastic pollution at source, and it was  an eye-opener to understand how their  knowledge and campaigning can empower women one month at a time!

Plastic free periods are here, so definitely something to rejoice…


Save Money and Stop Plastic by City To Sea: 

We were shocked to learn that mainstream period pads contain up to 90% plastic and every single day in the UK 1.4 million of them are wrongly flushed down the loo. But pads aren’t the only environmental problem! Mainstream tampons contain 6% plastic (not including the applicator or the packaging) and 2.5 million of these are flushed down the loo every day, blocking our sewers and overflowing onto our beaches and into our ocean.

With 4.3 billion disposable period products being used every year in the UK, our periods have serious impacts on our finances as well as our planet!

Plastic Free Periods?

On average women spend more than £1,500 on their periods over their lifetime, and Plan International UK reports that 1 in 10 young women (aged 14-21) have been unable to afford period products.

Surely there’s a better way!?

Cue… Plastic-Free Periods! We’re lucky to live at a time where there’s a huge range of new sustainable period products hitting the market, providing you with options that are better for your health, your wallet and your carbon footprint every single month.

Some products (particularly the menstrual cup) don’t just reduce your plastic footprint, but can also save you up to 94% of what you would have spent on disposable products over your lifetime – win-win for people experiencing period poverty. Having access to a product that can last up to 10 years allows them to feel dignified when they’re on their period, and not have to rely on monthly handouts or poor quality products.

We thought we’d make it extra easy for you switch to Plastic-Free Periods by pointing you in the direction of City to Sea’s comprehensive FAQ’s page and listing some products that we recommend:


The Ruby Cup:

This company operates a buy-one, give-one scheme so when you buy a product you don’t just transform how you manage your own period, you also help promote menstrual health in developing countries.


Precious Stars Pads:

Are changing the way you bleed (in their own words!) with soft, washable pads in a range of patterns and sizes

FLUX Undies:

Absorbent, washable pants that come in 5 different styles and 2 colours. Designed in the UK, made ethically and for every pair you buy a reusable pad is donated to someone living in period poverty.


So there you have some clear examples of how some women are choosing to save money and have a beneficial impact on reducing plastic pollution. This is just one reason we’re happy to be supporting International Women’s day by spreading information that can have an impact.

Be sure to check out the Less Plastic Collection developed in partnership with City To Sea for more ideas about how to reduce your plastic use every day: