Portland Design Works Brand Profile

Portland Design Works Brand Profile
29/04/2016 Byte9 Systems

Bear & Bear found the missing link for their bike gear section: introducing Oregon brand, Portland Design Works. Beauty, simplicity and durability are at the core of all their bike essentials. Obviously, we wanted to do a Portland Design Works Brand Profile to tell you how cool they are. Trust us, these are bike essentials that you won’t want to ride without!

We are big believers in commuting to work by bike whenever possible, it keeps you healthy, focuses the mind and does a little bit to help the environment.  To celebrate urban cyclists everywhere, Bear & Bear are now stocking Portland Design Works to update your bike kit.  Established in 2008, Oregon brand, made it their mission to create gear with great attention to detail for the everyday cyclist.  Their products are not only beautifully designed, but are extremely durable.  Any brand that gives equal consideration to aesthetic, durability and practicality is like music to our ears.


Another aspect to Portland Design Works is that they love to add a bit of  flair to their designs.  Our personal favourite is the stylish leather sleeve for the CO2 Bicycle Tire Pump that also prevents your hands getting cold from the canister. We’re also big fans of the irreverent Bird Cage Bicycle Bottle Holder that adds a bit of fun into a FUNctional design.

Every cyclist will want to ride more often with this gear! Bear & Bear have carefully curated a chosen selection of products that will get you set on the road whether you need to get some lights or carry a summertime picnic on your bike.

With safety and functionality at the forefront of their designs, these products are also very easy on the eye. Check out the full selection of cycling accessories on the website – happy shopping!

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