Precious Plastic – Micro Recycling

Precious Plastic – Micro Recycling
18/04/2016 Byte9 Systems

Precious Plastic – Micro Recycling

Every once in a while we discover a concept that blows our minds, Precious Plastic is one of those.  A world in which we can transform waste into new products in a creative and economically viable way is here.

Dave Hakkens originally started Precious Plastic as his graduation project at the Design Academy. Back then it was a proof of concept, something that worked as a prototype but not ready for scaling it up yet. Having been on hold waiting for a machine builder to help turn it into reality, it is is now Version 2.0.

All the machines in the video are developed and using basic tools and universal materials it is ready to go. A solid version of machines, instruction videos, blueprints shared open-source for free. A complete package that enables people to start recycling.

In a world where waste is only too apparent, this is a real and workable solution that could lead to recyclers in every town setting up businesses where they can reuse waste.  It’s a wonderful thought.

To learn more visit their website here.


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