We are delighted to have been featured in some of the best publications online and in print. It is an honour that we relish, and it motivates us to keep bringing exceptional new products to people’s attention.

This is a section we have created for PR peeps and Journalists to get some background behind the brand. Below you will find a snippet of our thoughts on the latest trends in our world, and how our business deals with them strategically.

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This is our chance to brainwash suppliers, journos, PR and the generally curious with brilliant propaganda. We’ll try and do this monthly-ish, but we’ll probably do it quarterly-ish. Enjoy.


Results from 2015…

  • Introduced a dozen new brands to the UK
  • Sales increased by over 80% compared to 2014
  • Sold and dispatched over 63,000 units
  • Feefo Commended Merchant 2016

Strategy & Trends for 2016…

Looking at the diversity of our top sellers for 2015 illustrates the advantages of our dynamic purchasing strategy, but also the difficulty in communicating to the customer “who we are”.

Simply put we specialise in Home and Travel accessories, and for this reason we are going to merge our Tech products into these categories. We are predominantly a gift site specialising in unique, functional and well-designed products whether you are Out and About or Around the Home. 


Out and About

It feels like everyone is getting more active and yearning for a little adventure. Whether you’re going to cycle to work more frequently, or are planning an epic adventure, we have some great gear for you.

We’re developing the range into quality tents for niche uses like festivals and wild camping. We’re also on the hunt for more functional hammocks. We are not trying to be the one-stop-shop for an entire adventure, but we have a unique selection of add-ons that make Bear & Bear worth checking out before you leave on any trip.

We can see that short trips are hugely popular with our customers (who doesn’t love a long weekend in a new city?). So our bag and travel accessory sections are growing along those lines with more products that make travelling stylishly more efficient.


Around the Home

Following a hectic festive season we have a renewed enthusiasm for lounging around the home.

There are some new lighting brands that are making great strides and illuminating our lives, so expect to see some great things in that section.

We’ve also discovered a place in our heart for punchy, fresh ceramics. Not something I ever thought I’d hear myself say (or write). We’re not getting into plates and table sets, but for all those useful little extras that you regularly use around the home, we’re there for you. Mugs, serving platters, cake stands, breakfast bowls – we’ve got pieces coming in from all over the world.

One area we are hugely excited about is coffee – we are coffee fiends and we are about to partner with one of the most famous artisanal coffee brands to make sure that wherever you are in Europe (within our shipping zones) you can get great coffee. With great coffee comes great accessories, and we are building on our range of preparation instruments to give you the best options when it comes to preparing your daily caffeine hit.

So, there are some of our plans for 2016. We are always hugely responsive to great products as we discover them, but we already have loads of new products to introduce to the UK and some ace local artisans to promote. These are exciting times.



This is the shortened version – full Version HERE



“From the Urban Jungle to the Great Outdoors,
Products for life
And a journal that inspires the adventure”

We work to live and take every opportunity to go for a surf, hike in the hills or get a dose of culture in the big smoke. That’s not to say that we don’t work hard but it feels more like a passion than a chore.

From home-wares to outdoor accessories we consciously handpick every product. Our mission is that every product on the site meets the following criteria:

  1. Functional – Must have a real purpose and add value to your life
  2. Durable – Items made to last a lifetime
  3. Beautiful – If it doesn’t look great then it instantly gets the chop!


In essence we want to make customer’s lives easier by bringing them the most interesting and useful new gear at the best possible prices.

For us it’s not just the products that count, but the stories behind the products and the stories behind the people behind the products! I think you get it…. we love stories!



Sam – Based in Biarritz, he firmly believes that time spent in the surf or up a mountain is absolutely vital to planning the strategic direction of the business. He’s also quite good at spread sheets, systems, marketing and finding new products, which is lucky.


Ben – Currently based in London (but dreaming of the African bush), he is the engine driving Bear & Bear. Normally with a phone strapped to each ear he is a problem-solving machine who loves detail. He also loves great products and things running smoothly.


Having met at school and done the same course at university (although only one of them seems to remember any of it) the bears have a shared passion for great design, amazing food and exotic travels.

Bear & Bear is created in the belief that it is possible to do what you love and create a successful business at the same time.