Moon & Tide Barometer Dial
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Moon & Tide Barometer Dial

By ashortwalk


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Unique vertical hanging moon, tide and barometer dial crafted from recycled materials

This wonderful time piece combines recycled plastic and crushed stone powder to create a sustainably sourced and unique item. It features a minimal aesthetic with the blue dial faces contrasting the slate coloured base.

As the moon determines the size of the tides, this piece will help you predict how big the tide is going to be as well as the time of high and low water. The dials are easily set and comes with detailed instructions on how to set your local beach. The barometer uses atmospheric pressure to be able to determine a short term weather forecast.

This is your one stop clock to help determine whether you’ll be needing an umbrella on you beach visit.

Key Features:

– Tide and barometer readings
– Clean, minimal aesthetic
– Contrasting dial faces
– Crafted recycled materials
– Designed to be wall mounted
– Instructions for location setting included

– Materials: Recycled plastic, crushed stone powder
– Dimensions: 13cm (H) x 35cm (W)

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