Slim Sleeve Wallet – Charcoal
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Slim Sleeve Wallet – Charcoal

By Bellroy


In stock

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Extra slim and minimalist wallet that completely reduces pocket bulk, holds folded notes and up to 11 cards

This superlatively slim bi-fold wallet is perfect for everyday use with two quick access card slots, and a pull tab that gives access to cards you use less regularly. Whilst you will need to fold your bills to fit them in, the Slim Sleeve in Charcoal allows the wallet to be extremely thin.

Bellroy have completely rethought the concept of wallet design with an almost obsessive focus on taking the bulk out of your pockets and retaining only the essentials. The slim sleeve wallet uses the low impact “Nude Approach” which reduces waste in the production procces and improves durability.

Bellroy haven’t stopped at designing an ingenious and functional product, they’ve also gone and created some superlative packaging, so from the moment you receive this product you’ll feel like a million dollars (even if you can’t quite fit that much into it).

Key Features:
– Holds folded notes and up to 11 cards
– Slim silhouette
– 2 Quick access card slots
– Pull tab for less frequently used cards
– Bills can be folded in 2 or 3 folds
– Backed by Bellroy 3 year warrantee

– Material: Premium full-grain vegetable tanned leathers
– Weight: 26g
– Dimensions: 8cm (w) x 9.5cm (h)

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Additional information

Weight0.06 kg
Dimensions20 × 13 × 3 cm